Program Overview

NDM Correspondent knows that Diversity is also quintessentially American. That is why we are looking to partner with a Diverse Selection of Mortgage Lenders. We understand that the size of the Lender does not necessarily dictate the quality of the loans and with that we designed NDM Correspondent with tiered Seller Eligibility Policy for our Partners in Prosperity, allowing small, medium, and large Lenders with varying degrees of experience to join us in the National Direction. Our eligibility tiers are designed around the needs and experience of the specific Partner.

The Prosperity Partner is the established Mortgage Lender with an audited net worth in excess of $1 million who has experience in and is comfortable with delegated underwriting and selling to existing Investors. Our Prosperity Partners know how to close a loan and are looking for a customer-service driven secondary marketing partner who will work to purchase quality closed loans quickly.

Our Integrity Partner tier is designed for smaller lenders with a net worth ranging from $250,000 to $1 million who have the ability and experience to underwrite and close Conventional Loans, but will benefit from the comfort and assurance of salability that comes with having their loans prior approved before closing.

And finally, our Opportunity Partners will be those very strong mortgage brokers who have recently ventured into the world of Mortgage Banking and who may not yet have the experience of our other partners to execute the mortgage loan without assistance. We are here to assist Opportunity Partners learn and grow into strong Lenders with the assistance of our experienced team lighting the way.

Download our Seller Eligibility Policy or contact your Correspondent Account Executive today.